Precision engineering company saves 30,067 kWh per year


Kadel Engineers Ltd

Date of review
March 2021


Kadel Engineers Ltd – a precision engineering company based in Bradford that manufactures bespoke components.


The company successfully applied for grant funding through the Resource Efficient Business (REBiz) programme. Through free audits and impartial guidance from resource efficiency managers, Kadel found they could lower their energy usage rates by upgrading to a more efficient variable speed drive air compressor. The business also had an additional duct fitted to the compressor to blow waste heat into the building in winter to help heat the factory – and vice versa in the summer to keep the building cool.


As a family business, the Kadel team were conscious of their carbon emissions and wanted to do something about it, with the obvious knock-on effect it may have in reducing their energy bills.


By changing to a new efficient compressor, the company is set to save 30,067 kWh per year – a 43% reduction. At an energy cost of £0.16 per kWh, this will also save the company £5,098 per year. Annually, this will lead to 7.69 tonnes of carbon emission savings.

What next?

The Kadel team are proactively looking for new funding opportunities to help them update their gas-fired warm air blowers to more energy efficient ones.
Energy bills reduced by
Tonnes of carbon emissions saved
Photograph of Manufacturing floor at Kadel

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