Funding Opportunity


Green Heat Network Fund Transition Scheme (second application round)

£10 million

When is it open?

Open for applications on Monday, the 30th of August 2021. This second application round will close to applications at 12.00 noon on Thursday the 7th of October 2021.

Who can bid for it?

The GHNF is open to all applicants responsible for the development of heat networks (including cooling – here-on-out referred to as heat networks) that meet the Application Gated Metrics (see section Application Gated Metrics), that are able to provide all supporting documentation (see section Application supporting evidence) and which are legal entities. Individuals cannot apply to the fund. This applies to both the Transition Scheme and the full scheme.

NEY Hub Says

What is the fund for?

The GHNF will support new and existing heat networks that deliver low carbon heat at a volume of heat that is consistent with our strategic objectives for heat network market growth in England. A heat network, for the purposes of GHNF, is a series of hydraulically connected pipes that distribute thermal energy to customers, uses low carbon technology and is centrally managed.