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Strategic Projects

The North East and Yorkshire Net Zero Hub maintains a pipeline of project proposals which support wider delivery of the Hub’s strategic priorities. Once approved, pipeline projects may be funded from the Hub’s own strategic funds or alternative support which from time to time becomes available from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero or other funders.

Through this pipeline we aim to have a broad overview of potential net zero schemes across the Hub region which have already been vetted and can readily be submitted for funding as and when this becomes available. This approach allows us to respond to the very tight timescales which are often associated with the provision of funding for projects of this type.

To maintain the pipeline of projects we are committed to refreshing our portfolio of potential projects bi-annually, normally taking place in January and October. This provides an opportunity for new projects to be put forward for consideration, and updated projects to be resubmitted.

Projects should further the broader purpose of the Hub and link to one or more of the Hub’s strategic priorities:

Heat Decarbonisation

Heat decarbonisation seeks to utilise technological solutions in order to reduce environmental emissions from heating a property.

Renewable Energy Technologies

Renewable energy technologies are solutions that produce energy from a source that does not deplete upon usage e.g. solar power.

Natural Carbon Sequestration

Natural sequestration is the process of using the natural environment to store carbon.

Circular Economy

Circular economy projects seek to re-use materials and inputs in order to reduce waste and environmental impact.


It is expected that projects seeking funding are likely to require in the region of £20,000 – £100,000, although those with funding amounts at the higher end will need to include match funding. Projects with funding requests outside of these parameters may be considered by exception.

Projects will initially be considered for inclusion into the Hub’s project pipeline and for any funding that is immediately available. Projects accepted into the pipeline but not immediately funded will be brought forward for consideration when new funding opportunities arise.

To find out more about the Hub’s existing pipeline of projects, please refer to our Delivering Programmes section. 

Submitting a proposal

The Hub is now closed to submissions to its most recent refresh of the strategic projects pipeline. However, if you wish to submit an EOI you are free to do so at any time, noting that it is unlikely to be put forward for funding until the next call for projects (October 2023).

Expressions of interest should be made using the following form: Strategic Funding- Expression of Interest FormApplicants are encouraged to refer to the Hub’s Strategic Funding Appraisal Matrix prior to submitting their expressions of interest. 

Please send completed forms to:

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