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Strategic Funding

The Hub maintains a pipeline of project proposals which would support or enhance the Hub’s strategic delivery and can be brought forward for funding, as it becomes available, subject to appraisal, prioritisation and allocation by the Hub Board.

Projects should further the broader purpose of the Hub and ideally link to one or more of the Hub’s priority areas:

  • Heat Decarbonisation
  • Natural Sequestration
  • Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Circular Economy

Information about projects which have already been allocated resources is available in our Delivering Programmes section section. Any future calls for projects will be publicised on this page.

Project proposals may be received by the Hub at any time, however the Hub is committed to a bi-annual refresh of the project pipeline or when a particular funding source is identified. This is an opportunity for new projects to come forward for consideration and for existing projects to be updated or withdrawn as appropriate.

If you have a project proposal that you think might be able to further our strategic delivery, please submit an expression of interest form. You may find it helpful to refer to the appraisal matrix below, as an indication of how your proposal may be scored..

Please send completed forms to

Strategic Funding- Expression of Interest Form

Strategic Funding- Appraisal Matrix

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