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Strategic Projects

We are currently welcoming new or updated submissions to our Strategic Projects Pipeline.

The pipeline is made up of proposals for strategic delivery which can be considered and brought forward for Hub delivery, resource allocation or government funding when available and which would support one or more of our four strategic priorities.

Heat Decarbonisation

Heat decarbonisation seeks to utilise technological solutions in order to reduce environmental emissions from heating a property.

Renewable Energy Technologies

Renewable energy technologies are solutions that produce energy from a source that does not deplete upon usage e.g. solar power.

Natural Carbon Sequestration

Natural sequestration is the process of using the natural environment to store carbon.

Circular Economy

Circular economy projects seek to re-use materials and inputs in order to reduce waste and environmental impact.

Proposals should be strategic in nature with a focus on investigating, scoping, informing, demonstrating, evaluating, and developing insights to inform net zero strategy. Activity may also include proposals for workstreams and supporting activity delivered under the Hub umbrella. 

The Strategic Projects Pipeline is an opportunity to inform and shape the Hub’s delivery. It provides an overview of Net Zero opportunities and stakeholder priorities across the North East and Yorkshire that we might not have thought of, and which have potential for wider benefits. Examples of projects previously brought forward include:

  • Geothermal White Paper – proposed and delivered by the NE LEP to present the national case for deep geothermal as a renewable heat source.
  • Spatial-Temporal Modelling – proposed and led by the Hub’s regional project manager for South Yorkshire exploring the market options, gaps, and barriers for local authorities in using spatial-temporal data for net zero strategic planning with scoping of potential solutions.
  • Growing Yorkshire – proposed and led by a community stakeholder developing a pilot business case for a community-owned, regenerative farm with a view to sharing learnings for replication.
  • Regional Hydrogen Roadmap – proposed and led by the Hub’s regional project manager for West Yorkshire to explore viable hydrogen pathways across the region, reduce silo thinking and encourage joined up strategy.
  • Energy Project Enabling Fund – proposed by the Hub Manager and delivered by the central Hub team to provide a strategic delivery vehicle to part-fund, unlock and incentivise local authority/community investment in small net zero projects.


The pipeline is appraised bi-annually – providing an opportunity for new and updated proposals to be assessed for strategic value, potential impact, and deliverability etc. 

If your proposal relates to local delivery, you should contact the Hub-funded regional Project Manager or Board member for your area. They will be able to advise on links with existing Hub activity and discuss with you whether there is potential to add value to your proposal through collaboration or if your proposal could have wider impacts than you had initially envisaged. 

Please note that we will always welcome ideas and suggestions for delivery but may not bring forward for funding a project from external stakeholders that has not first been discussed with a relevant member of the Hub team.

To find your local regional Project Manager, Board Member, or a member of the team responsible for thematic delivery (for example community energy or retrofit), we advise you to check our website here.

Submitting a proposal

Expressions of interest should be made using the form below:

Strategic Pipeline Proposal Form

Sponsors of proposals are encouraged to refer to the Hub’s Strategic Funding Appraisal Matrix prior to submitting their expressions of interest. 

Strategic Project Pipeline – Appraisal-Matrix

To be included in the next pipeline appraisal, updated and new submissions should be sent to and be received no later than 1st March 2024.

Appraisal will take place in March 2024; recommendations will be taken to the Hub Board in April and applicants will be advised of outcomes shortly afterwards. 

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