Hydrogen funding means green groceries in Tees Valley

Groceries are going green in Teesside – with £7m of funding secured for the development of a publicly accessible green hydrogen refuelling station near Middlesbrough.

The site will initially serve at least 25 new zero emission heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) making deliveries of groceries and clothes.  

Tees Valley is the national hydrogen transport hub, demonstrating how green hydrogen can be utilised in transport. To further support the sector, Tees Valley Combined Authority will use £300,000 of government funding to run a competition for local colleges and training institutions to purchase hydrogen training equipment to upskill the local workforce.

Technology and Decarbonisation Minister, Anthony Browne, said:

‘It’s fantastic to see the Tees Valley continue to be a trailblazer in this vital technology to decarbonise heavier vehicles – leading the way for the wider rollout of green hydrogen.’

The recent funding follows the announcement of funding for two other which will develop hydrogen-powered airport, ground-based support vehicles and create new hydrogen refuelling stations.