Ground-breaking product weighs in at a quarter of the weight of traditional solar modules


Solar Capture Technologies

Date of review
March 2021


Solar Capture Technologies – a Blyth-based business with almost 40 years’ experience in solar research, development and manufacturing.


The team saw the call-out for businesses to enter the North East Energy Catalyst’s Energy Innovation Challenge, which was all about reducing carbon emissions. The challenge provided the perfect platform for the team to get in front of the right people as they looked to develop their latest product – SolarFace, made from a lightweight solar material which means it can be used almost anywhere. The ground-breaking product is a quarter of the weight of traditional solar modules and can be manufactured to fit any shape. It has also been designed to operate in even the slightest of light – meaning they can continue to generate energy throughout our dark winters.


Although its roots are in research, the business has progressed to developing its own products over the years. The business aims to empower generations to use clean and renewable solar power solutions, making solar accessible to everyone.


The challenge went live just as the UK entered lockdown so the events the team attended were online. They met other SMEs operating in the energy sector and made some good connections as they look to progress the development of SolarFace. The team is applying for funding through the North East LEP’s Energy for Growth programme and widening their network with organisations in the housing and transport world to further demonstrate how SolarFace can have a big impact.

What next?

With the profile of solar power increasing, the potential for Solar Capture Technologies and its products grows year-by-year. The team is looking to talk to organisations in the automotive, transport, education and public sectors to showcase products and their innovations that will help the UK reduce carbon emissions.
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