Online platform launched to track national energy output



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March 2021


MyGridGB – an online platform developed by Andrew Crossland and supported by the Durham Energy Institute.


MyGridGB aims to provide a real-time outlook on Britain’s energy output, charting the breakdown of where and how our energy is being produced. It uses data from Sheffield University and Elexon – the company responsible for managing the electricity and trading arrangements of England and Wales. The team accessed new networks through the North East Energy Catalyst’s Energy Innovation Challenge to help test the feasibility of the product and have it assessed by independent experts. Being a part of the challenge also allowed the team to raise the profile of the platform and give them access to possible funding routes, leadership programmes and, crucially, experts within the energy sector who can collaborate on different projects.


One of the challenges facing us as we try to cut carbon emissions is getting people to understand where their energy comes from – and why it needs to change.


Launched online with up-to-date information and graphics, MyGridGB helps people to be more informed and to make more educated choices about energy – choices that aren’t just driven by cost. It’s simple, visual way of showing where the UK’s energy is coming from is combined with educational resources to engage young people with the knowledge they need to make decisions that will impact climate change for future generation.

What next?

With the potential to help educate the masses, the future is bright for MyGridGB. The team behind the platform hope to embed it into schools, colleges and universities by turning the platform into an app that can help young people feel empowered to tackle climate change. Being based in the North East, the team are also keen to develop links with other energy-focused people and organisations in the region to help generate a circular economy.
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