Software to help evaluate renewable energy solutions in six local authorities



Date of review
March 2021


Six local authorities (North Tyneside, Redcar and Cleveland, Hull, Leeds, Barnsley and Kirklees) in our region worked on a pilot programme, funded by the Hub, to use the OnGen software to help evaluate the suitability of renewable energy solutions on buildings. Another seven local and combined authorities in the region also had the opportunity to run assessments through the tool.


The OnGen tool was identified as potentially a quick and cost-effective means for local authorities to assess renewable energy opportunities within their own estate. The Energy Hub approached local authorities in the region and six were selected to be involved in a pilot, focusing on a range of buildings including transport hubs, markets, leisure centres, museums and council buildings. The tool financially models potential performance, energy saving, and carbon reduction including pay-back periods for investment.


The costs of carrying out early-stage assessments of potential renewable projects can be prohibitive to local authorities working with very tight budgets. The OnGen tool costs under £500 per assessment and can be carried out in a matter of hours. It provides detailed financial projections which can enable local authorities to make informed decisions on which projects should be developed.


Local authorities have been able to prioritise projects to deliver renewable options, including using financial modelling as a basis for Public Sector Decarbonisation Funding bids. Following the pilot, an evaluation was carried out, which demonstrated that local authorities viewed the tool as extremely effective in moving projects towards business case.

What next?

A second phase of the pilot is underway, focusing on education and health estates. In addition to OnGen’s renewables tool, this phase will also include OnEfficiency – a new tool OnGen is developing which focuses on energy efficiency.
Assessments completed
Funding gained following assessment
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