Tackling fuel poverty: the way forward


The Government set a 2025 Fuel Poverty Target for improving energy performance, aiming to protect vulnerable households and not leave behind any fuel poor homes. This event will look at how these goals can be achieved and examine the strategies for overcoming the crisis. Stew Horne, our head of policy, will deliver a keynote at […]

Decarbonising social housing


To reach our net zero targets by 2050, we must decarbonise buildings, including the 2.7 million housing associations homes in England. Housing association homes are, on average, more efficient than any other home, but there is still much more to do. This session will look at the various options available to heat our homes and […]

Decarbonising Homes Conference


Westminster Insight’s Decarbonising Homes Hybrid Conference will highlight innovative strategies and approaches to maximise energy efficiency and explore how to utilise local assets to drive low carbon energy solutions. Laura McGadie, our group head of energy, joins the conference at 11.15am to discussing ‘Developing local solutions for energy efficiency’. The panel will explore methods of […]