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Your one stop shop for decarbonising public estates

Our public sector organisations have big ambitions when it comes to achieving Net Zero – but one of the biggest challenges they face is decarbonising their own buildings.

Many public sector buildings still rely on fossil fuel heating systems or were built in much less energy efficient eras.  

To help public organisations decarbonise their estates the NEY Net Zero Hub has produced a toolkit to guide you through some of the key aspects and processes.

The toolkit will guide you through the steps required to develop and implement a Heat Decarbonisation Plan and provide practical advice on applying for Public Sector Decarbonisation Funding.

Guidance Documents

The below documents provide advice and insights for local authorities looking to implement a heat decarbonisation plan. Click on the document links to find out more.

If you find yourself confused by jargon, a Glossary of terms is also provided.

Simple adjustments
Quick wins to reduce carbon emissions
Low carbon servicing and maintenance
How to carry out an Energy Audit
What does good energy data look like?
Engaging with your DNO
Developing a Heat Decarbonisation Plan
Funding for Public Sector Decarbonisation
How to deliver onsite renewables
Low carbon investment guidance
Glossary of terms

Guidance Videos

The videos below provide step-by-step guidance for completing the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme application form:

Step 2.1
Step 2.2
Step 3.1
Step 3.2
Step 4
Step 5

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